What is a remote Reiki treatment?

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What is a remote Reiki treatment?

A remote Reiki treatment is instead of a physical treatment.

Why would you choose that?

There are a few possible answers:

  • The distance to get to the Reiki practitioner's practice is simply too far;
  • The person in need of treatment is unable to come to the practice due to illness or transportation restrictions;
  • Measures have been taken from the government that do not allow visits to the practice, such as during the COVD-19 virus;
  • The person who wants to be treated does not have enough time to make an appointment at the practice. It is easier if the client does not lose travel time.

Remote treatment or photo treatment

In the most ideal situation, you make an appointment for a personal meeting and a corresponding treatment. But, as mentioned above, sometimes that's just not an option. A remote treatment may then be the solution. It is mainly about meeting the first need for lighting. This relief may be needed on a mental or physical level.

Reiki means that energy is passed on. In principle, this happens because the practitioner passes on the energy to the client through light touch. But with Reiki, place and time are no longer fixed concepts. That is why it is also possible to do remote treatments.

This is done on the basis of a photo of the person who needs the treatment. By making contact with the person's subconscious, the Reiki practitioner receives information about the areas where healing is needed.

So the Reiki Master will need a picture of the person to be treated, where this person stands alone and with open eyes. A time is often agreed for the photo treatment to take place.

What do you notice during such a treatment?

The person being treated does not necessarily have to sit down for this, or make time for it. But it is important to know that the treatment takes place at that time.

You may not immediately notice the treatment. But it can also be that you become a bit sleepy, relaxed, or just restless and distracted.

That is why you need to know when the remote treatment is scheduled.

It can be very annoying if you are in the car on the highway and are so relaxed that you almost fall asleep. Or that you are at work and drop a few heavy boxes from your hands.

It is impossible to say in advance whether you will notice anything at the time of treatment. Some people notice this immediately, others only notice the effect or result after a few hours or a few days.

This may depend, among other things, on the reason that you want to have treatment. But your own sensitivity also plays a role in this.

Suppose you want treatment because you have a nagging pain in your knee. That pain can go away immediately at the time of treatment and also stay away.

However, if you are receiving treatment for being chronically tired, you may become even more tired during the distance treatment. And only in the following days you will notice a change in how you feel.

These are a few simple examples.

Can everything be solved with a distance treatment?

In general, the photo treatment is a good way to treat 'simple' things. Or, if it is not clear to the client what is going on, then the practitioner can get a good impression of the things that are going on with the client mentally or physically through this first contact.

During the photo treatment, the practitioner can already take a first step in helping the client. However, it is always possible that this treatment is not sufficient and that a follow-up treatment is advisable.

Based on this first treatment, a follow-up process can then be proposed.

After the treatment there is always contact between the practitioner and the client, via email or chat, to discuss the mutual experiences. The client can of course also indicate whether there is a need for a follow-up appointment.

If you have more questions, you are always welcome to ask.

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