Reiki in times of COVID-19

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Reiki in times of COVID-19

The stories come from all over the world

Universities offer online consultation hours with counselors for their students.

Children who come from traumatic home situations and in their foster family think they are to blame and that they caused a lockdown. Children of about seven years of age who have not been able to play with peers for a year and only have the dog as a distraction.

Everyone is having a hard time.

Not only the people who already suffer from depression or loneliness. You slowly see a pattern emerging that the persistent measures against the virus are also having an impact on the optimists.

It may also be the case that you as a care provider are confronted with the care of patients on a daily basis and that you need to relax for a while, to take things away.

People naturally need the presence of others. Or at least the possibility to look up the presence of your fellow man.

For talking, exercising together or going out for a night.

Confusion and sometimes uncertainty about what is allowed or not, when things are allowed again and why the one is allowed and the other is not.

Where you normally have a chat with your colleagues to go through the weekend, you now have the only person who sat next to you on the couch all weekend.

And for a lot of parents, it is difficult to watch their children spend the prime of their life in their room at the computer.

Sometimes it just gets too much. Then you don't even want to walk the dog, although that is still allowed. The idea that you have to bring a note for it can already make you feel oppressive.

You will no longer be able to clear your head in any way, because the world around you consists of only a few rooms in the house, the bathroom, the kitchen and your balcony. Normally you went out, but you no longer dare. You would prefer to avoid people now, but that limits yourself and you can no longer just 'get a breath of fresh air'.

With a Reiki treatment you can recharge energy and get your inner peace back into balance. Whether you are concerned about your children or your parents who are not allowed to receive visitors. But also for calming your own fears, frustrations and unrest.

Distance treatments can be the solution for both yourself and your family members.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need a listening ear and a moment of relaxation that can give you relief for the coming period.

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