Reiki in the hospital

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Reiki in the hospital

It is a fact that it is not allowed in all parts of the world to attach a medical label to Reiki as a treatment method. Yet every now and then you hear and read reports that there are hospitals that officially allow Reiki practitioners to treat patients. That is of course a very good development, because the more people can benefit from the positive effect of the Reiki energy, the better.

European policy

Countries such as Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom are known to use Reiki treatments to relieve patients' pain and promote healing. In some countries, the costs of this treatment are even reimbursed by insurance companies. Not all countries have reached that point yet, but it seems that you can increasingly encounter alternative treatment methods in the corridors of hospitals.

Alternative methods

If you are sick and are in the hospital for a long time, or have to go to the hospital often for treatment, it can cause a lot of discomfort. Not only do patients have to deal with a lot of pain, but also the side effects of medicines can be very annoying. And that's not even mentioning the mental strain that comes with an appointment time and time again. The tension for a new result, will it be positive this time? Or the stress you experience because you have to undergo an MRI scan and it makes you feel very uncomfortable.

Employees and volunteers in hospitals often do everything they can to make it as pleasant as possible for patients. The Clinic Clowns, for example, come by for the smallest patients. This foundation is active in many countries. But it is also increasingly common for patients to be surprised by a visit from an animal. Because if you've been in the hospital for a long time, the distraction of cuddling a dog is very welcome. But not only dogs come to visit. In France, there is even a horse that visits patients.


Undoubtedly, there will be many more options available to patients to provide relief during the difficult moments in the hospital. But let's focus on Reiki treatments for a moment. Not every hospital is eager for it, but it is occasionally possible to request Reiki treatment as a hospital patient.

But on the other hand, don't be limited to what the hospital offers. You can also request treatment for your very specific situation. Because if a Reiki practitioner in the hospital mainly focuses on pain relief after kidney dialysis, then it is of little use if you have to undergo a check-up for cancer treatment. While the pain or fear is no less.

Why can you as a hospital patient benefit from a Reiki treatment?

There are many options, for example:

  • Relieving your claustrophobic feelings during an MRI scan. As soon as the date and time of the appointment is known, a remote treatment can take place to calm you down. This does not necessarily have to be at exactly the same time as the treatment, it can also be done in advance so that you start the treatment more relaxed and you can also remain calm during the treatment;
  • Relieving your anxiety and fear of the results of an examination, or of having to undergo an examination. The same procedure applies as described above;
  • Relieving anxiety when you have to have blood drawn. Some people are very afraid of a hypodermic needle. A Reiki treatment can make you less anxious about getting the shot;
  • Pain relief. Of course, this can be in a lot of areas. You can think of the relief of pain after surgery. Or after kidney dialysis, removal of tonsils or the side effects of chemotherapy;
  • General support to reduce the patients' anxiety and panic;
  • Comfort and support for the family members. The medical condition of a loved one can also be very difficult for friends and relatives. You want to support the patient, but you are sometimes powerless. Or you have trouble processing the situation emotionally yourself. But you don't want to show that to the sick person. Even then a Reiki treatment can provide relief. Because besides being able to tell your story to someone who is not personally involved, it can also give you strength to continue guiding your loved one.

Death counseling

For some people it can be very frightening to know that they don't have long to live.

Then there is a need for spiritual support or guidance during the process. But on the other hand, for example, there is no need for a representative of areligion. In such a situation, a Reiki Master can also provide support and guidance during the death process. The Reiki Master can reassure the patient to give a Reiki treatment if the patient needs it. But the Reiki Master is also able to answer questions about life after death. That may be very reassuring for some people. And in this way enlightenment can be given to the last moments of earthly life.

Care and attention for the patient is paramount

Of course, Reiki treatments should always be looked at carefully, especially if you as a patient take medication. But that does not alter the fact that Reiki can make a contribution when you need it. And that does not have to be literally on the edge of the hospital bed. In these kinds of situations, a remote treatment is a very good addition to provide some relief.

Would you like to know more about what it can do for you? Please feel free to contact us.

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