• Reiki Treatment for Children

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They may need it

Children also end up in situations that cost them a lot of energy; stress at home or at school, or difficulty interacting with other children. There are also children who do not sleep or who have nightmares.

They may suffer from allergies or other physical complaints. Of course you always contact your doctor first, but sometimes it happens that you do not get the answers or solutions you were hoping for.

Because it may have nothing to do with a medical cause.

You can come to us for a Reiki treatment with your child.

The treatment of children is not as comprehensive as that of an adult, because they absorb energy much more easily and therefore need less time.

As a parent you remain present during the treatment. So that your child feels comfortable. Your son or daughter may, if desired, sit on your lap during the treatment.

It is important that you also know what is happening during the treatment. If your child talks about his or her experiences or feelings afterwards, you can understand and respond accordingly.

Do you think your child would benefit from a conversation about the things that occupy him or her during the day and at night? Are you looking for answers that no one seems to have? Contact us for all your questions. It does not matter how old your child is, even very young there can be many things going around in their head that you do not know about. Chances are that we can give you the answers you are looking for.

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Reiki Treatment for Children

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