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Note: Because of the COVID-19 measures regarding to the Reiki treatments and Reiki courses: the services will only be available online until further notice. Appointments and courses therefore only take place online and not on site or in our practice. Contact us for more information.

Take children seriously ...

... who seem to see right through you

... who tell you about events that you know they have not experienced in their current life

... who live with inexplicable fears

Children often know more than you think, but these children know that themselves and will therefore not open up to you. Unless they are convinced that you will believe them.

They can tell you things you are not ready for at inappropriate times, or even reassure you and speak with a maturity beyond their own age. In any case, they are special children who occupy a place in today's society. And if we listen carefully, we can learn a lot from them.

Do you have questions about the things your child encounters? 

Do you recognize something about your child in the things we discuss in this blog?

We have experience with these children and speak their language. So you can contact us for a meeting, together with your child. Even if you want guidance on how best to talk to your child.

Because it might be about topics that you have never looked into or that you simply have never heard of ...

As a parent, you are always present in the room during the conversation with your child. It is also possible to have an appointment remotely.

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Consult for children

  • € 25.00

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