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A Reiki treatment per photo is a distance or remote treatment.

The big difference with a regular Reiki treatment is that the person being treated is not personally present during the treatment. At that moment, therefore, no physical contact takes place (no touch).

The remote treatment is done with the help of a photo of the person who needs the treatment. Our Reiki Grand Master uses the photo that you can upload during your order.

By making contact with the subconscious mind of the person in the photo, he receives messages and images about the areas where healing is needed.

Sometimes remote treatment will bring about the desired change, but if the problems have a deeper root cause, more treatments are needed.

The person receiving the healing does not necessarily feel anything during the treatment, some will experience it immediately, others will notice it later.

Usually it is agreed with the Grand Master at what time, day and place the remote healing will take place. So that the person being treated can relax and thereby allow the treatment to have more effect. There are many great benefits and results of this type of treatment.

If you would like to interact with the Reiki Grand Master before ordering a treatment, please get in touch.

Pay attention:

  • Make sure to use a photo of yourself that does not include other people or animals. Other people in the same picture may interfere with treatment. The best is a passport photo, or at least a photo where you have both eyes open.
  • It is never wise to undergo remote treatment while driving or while performing dangerous and/or heavy work.
  • If you need more remote treatments than one, only one treatment will be given per week. Unless otherwise agreed because the recipient benefits from this.
  • Before and after each treatment, there is contact between the Reiki Grand Master and the client by email, chat or whatsapp to discuss the treatment.

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Reiki Remote Treatment

  • € 35.00

After successful completion of the order you will receive an E-mail to make an appointment.

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