• Reiki 3rd degree

The third grade, Reiki Master / Teacher

The last degree in Reiki is the master's degree. Not everyone will become a Reiki Master. It is something that will take place when you are ready. Some people will never achieve it.

You can do two things with the master's program. In addition to Reiki treatments, you can also educate and train people in Reiki techniques. You will receive the necessary information and techniques to teach and provide therapy.

The master's program consists of four lessons. There are two initiations, divided over two lessons. After this you become a Master and you will be trained as a teacher. You will learn the techniques necessary to do inaugurations.

At the end of the course, the Master discusses the inaugurations of the first and second year and you will be tested as a new Master. After obtaining the third degree you can start as a Reiki Master.

To ensure that the future Master receives all the attention, the Master course is given individually.

The course is not available online, because it requires such attention that the initiations can only be given in person.

If you are interested in this third degree course and do not live in the South of France, we can also organize tailor-made accommodation for you.

Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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Reiki 3rd degree

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