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The Reiki 2nd degree Online course will be available soon, if you want to stay informed, please let us know at reiki@muansun.com. We will inform you in time when the course becomes available again.

The second grade, Reiki-practitioner

The second degree is the completion of the first degree to be able to work as a professional Reiki practitioner. At the second degree you will receive the third symbol, the distance symbol (the bridge).

With this symbol you can contact people who are not physically present with you in the same room. Using a photo of someone you learn to make contact with the subconscious mind of that person, so that you can send healing without touching. It doesn't matter where that person is in the world.

Since time and place are not important when using the bridge symbol, you are able to send Reiki to future or even past events. During the course, you will receive three inaugurations for the second degree during three weeks. At the end of the course you will be tested by your Master to see if you have the necessary capabilities to perform this remote treatment, You are expected to be able to draw the symbols.

With the help of a photo that you bring with you, of someone you know, you treat someone at a distance. The content of the course is the same as the course as it is taught in practice.

You follow the course individually completely online and you can always contact the Reiki Master if you have any questions. and can always contact the Reiki Master if you have any questions.

The course consists of the online information, audio files and the course material in PDF form.

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Reiki 2nd degree Online Course

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