• Reiki 1st degree Online Course

The first degree, Reiki practitioner

The Reiki first degree course is spread over 4 weeks in which you will earn all the facets necessary to get started as a Reiki practitioner. You will receive 4 initiations, the first two Reiki symbols, and in addition to the correct techniques, you will learn all the important things needed to perform successful treatments.

During these four weeks you will also be taught how you can start working on yourself through self-treatments and through which you go through a real cleaning process. Through the initiations your Reiki channels will be opened that give you the opportunity to use Reiki and to get started as a practitioner.

The content of the online course is the same as the personal course as it is given in our practice. You follow the course completely online and for questions you can always contact your own Muansun Reiki Master who will personally guide you via email or live chat (even after you have completed the course, he remains your point of contact).

The Reiki practitioner course consists of 24 chapters with audio files. In addition, you can download the entire 89-page course in PDF format (excluding audio files).

The course concludes with obtaining the official Reiki 1st degree/Reiki Practitioner certificate which will be sent to you free of charge.

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  • Will I get an official Reiki certificate?

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Reiki 1st degree Online Course

  • € 175.00

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