Negative energies also occur

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Negative energies also occur

Many people only know ghosts and entities from movies and books. Nothing can be so much fun to watch a good horror movie in front of the television.

But for some people, these types of movies and stories come very close to reality. They experience a certain presence of entities in daily life, over which they have no influence. But the entity does have a great influence on them.

Now there are many different forms of entities (energies) of deceased people. In general, you can say that after death, these people are for some reason not able to continue to the afterlife. For example, they are stopped because of unfinished business. Or they don't want to leave their favorite place. There could be many other reasons why they are not going ahead yet.

This group of entities remains around their loved ones, or around the place where they were killed. In some cases, the entity itself is unaware that he or she is no longer among the living. So they are not aware that they are a ghost.

In most cases we notice little or nothing of their presence, because they also keep themselves calm.

You can read more about this in our blog about entities. In this blog, we focus on a more detailed explanation of negative entities.

Because there is also a group that keeps trying desperately to attract attention.

And that cannot be ignored. It is more common than you think and it is difficult to find information about it without getting lost in an overwhelming story with all kinds of side issues.

And it is important to know that it exists and to recognize it. Or maybe you already know you're dealing with it and that's the reason you're reading this blog.

How does a negative entity come into my life

There are a few answers to this question.

  • You may have just bought a new house and this house was built next to an old cemetery. Entities have been able to hang out there for years. Now that you have moved into the house, they seize the opportunity to make themselves known through you;
  • You visit a medieval castle or an area where wars have been fought abroad or in your own country. The ghosts of the deceased soldiers still hang around there after all these hundreds of years and one of them seizes the opportunity to go with you;
  • You meet someone who carries an entity and this entity decides to anchor itself to you;
  • A person from your past with whom you had a hostile relationship comes back to you out of hatred.

These are just a few examples to give you an idea of ​​what may occur.

You could say that these entities see an opportunity to cling to you in your energy path. They may do this because they hope you hear them, or they may want to take advantage of you.

What are Negative Entities

Negative entities have only one purpose and that is to keep people away from the light. They try to influence people negatively through a link (an anchor) that is created in the energetic body. Not only are people being attacked, but spirits of light are also being attacked on the other side.

The area between light and dark (the twilight zone) is the front line.

Negative entities come in three categories:

1. Lost spirits / souls

They would like to go to the light, but they don't know how to get there, they have lost their way. They come to you to ask for help to continue. This is one category that we are least "bothered" by.

2. Ambassadors

They want to anchor themselves to as many people as possible and can manipulate their victims and take their energy away from them.

3. Demons

These demons are meant to spread fear and confusion among people, by combating any positive work of light beings.

What can negative entities do?

The influence of an entity that has anchored itself to a person can be great. It can literally change a person's life, and not in a positive way. The tricky part is that you often do not notice it yourself at first. After all, everyone sometimes sleeps a little worse for a while, it can happen to anyone that things don't go the way you hoped they would.

And the fact that you suddenly lose your job will not immediately be linked to a visit to a historic monument last summer.

But if the situations of "bad luck" and "bad luck" keep accumulating in your individual life and nothing seems to work out, then there may be more to it than that.

You can therefore persistently suffer from the following things:

  • constant (very severe) fatigue;
  • disturbed sleep to very bad sleep;
  • negative dreams or severe nightmares;
  • insignificant pain in the body;
  • mood swings and varying behavior;
  • negative thoughts and actions;
  • voices in your head that incite to negative actions;
  • frightening thoughts of a destructive or suicidal nature;
  • dominating presence;
  • difficulties in planning and carrying out activities.

These are rather abstract lists of what you can experience. But the individual stories of people (and children) who have experienced the anchoring of a negative entity can be very impressive.

The profound impact of this on their daily life and health is hard for some people to imagine.

And so, when that bother you, you feel alone. And misunderstood. Because who believes that you really feel that everything that happens to you is not just "coincidence"?

For years we have been meeting people dealing with negative entities. We can recognize these and also explain how they affect the lives of our clients. But above all, we can also do something about it.

Can I get rid of it?

Negative entities have easier access to people who have a very negative attitude to life and behave accordingly. The negativity feeds on that, so to speak. A positive and loving attitude to life in any case ensures that the negative entity has more trouble penetrating you.

Some entities can even disappear if you learn to forgive your enemies.

It is also very important to let go of the anchorage. Make injustice disappear and fill the space that remains with light and love.

But of course you can't just walk around 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a big smile and full position.

Sometimes you just can't control attracting a negative entity.


That's why it's important to treat them immediately and learn how to protect yourself from them.

If you think you may be affected by negative entities from any of the above categories, please contact us so we can assist you.

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