I have entities in my own home

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I have entities in my own home

I have entities in my own home is usually not the first comment we get when we talk about this topic. Because often the questioner does not know that this is the case at all. Only there is a feeling that is indescribable, you don't feel at home in your own house or such strange or unpleasant things happen that you slowly start to wonder whether it is still 'normal' what is going on.

In our blog about negative and positive entities, we have already explained what entities are and how we can help you if you feel that they have taken over.

Entities can be anywhere

But entities can not only take over people, they can also attach themselves to people's homes. That is different from hanging on to the people themselves. They could be in the house, or the neighbor's house, or the shed or garage. These entities are not necessarily negative either, for example it could be that they died in the house in question or felt comfortable in a certain room.

It is often the case that they have died in or around the area where they are now. This is especially the case with older housing types, but newer houses can also be affected. For example, if they are built on the spot where older buildings used to be. Or if there has been an event in the past that resulted in casualties.

Do you feel the presence of something or someone in the house?

Do you often feel the presence of someone else in a particular room of the house? Or do you constantly have an uneasy feeling in your home, which you cannot explain?

Then that could indicate the presence of an entity that does not agree with how things are now.

Entities that attach themselves to houses believe that it is their house. If you're going to change things and they don't agree, they can generally get annoying. They let you know by damaging lights, TV, radio, or other electrical equipment — or by dropping and breaking things.

From subtle to compelling behavior

At first they will be subtle and try to make the residents feel anxious. Eventually, when the people living in the house don't listen, they will try to get more attention.

They are capable of rejecting building plans or future plans to the point that they even make people sick or cause them to be fired, with all the consequences that entails. In short, they can drastically change someone's life, but in a negative way.

The problem is that all of this can happen and its cause is never known. The negative energy in the house and around the residents will only escalate in different ways and that is how they want it. That is the only way these negative entities can survive. If there is enough negative energy in the house, an energy portal is created. This is a bundle of negative energy where negative entities can easily enter our world.

What can I do about it?

If you suspect the presence of a negative entity in your home or immediate environment, it is best to have the house cleaned by an experienced Reiki Master with knowledge in this area.

He/she can contact the entity and get to the bottom of why they are there. After this, the Reiki Master can help the entity move forward and if that doesn't work, they can be forcibly removed.

We have experience in cleaning houses where entities of different levels are located. So from the relatively light to the really heavy entities that purposefully want to cause mischief. You will feel a noticeable difference afterwards.

For the cleaning of a house, the usual price of a consultation is calculated as well as travel costs.

For more information, please contact us or look here.

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