Do I have a sixth sense?

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Do I have a sixth sense?

Do I have a sixth sense? The question is easily asked, but not so easy to answer. There are different forms of the sixth sense. You can divide these into seeing, knowing, feeling, smelling and hearing. Or a combination of these. Children can also become aware of it at a young age. But because some people experience it from an early age, it is the most natural thing in the world for them. And in some cases they won't even recognize it as a sixth sense themselves.

Does everyone have a sixth sense?

All children are born with an open channel to another world, the world of light. That means that every adult has experienced this at some point. But most people don't know that anymore, at some point this channel will be closed again. This usually happens in toddlerhood and preschool age. The influences of society play a role in this, the environment in which you grow up as a child.

But you could also say that letting your sixth sense play a role in your daily life is simply not your destiny. Closing this channel is generally not a conscious choice.

What happens if the channel remains open?

If there are children who close the canal, then there are also children with whom it remains open.

Then you may have to deal with situations that demand a lot from parents and child. Not only on a social and societal level, but it also demands a lot from you as a person. How do you view society and how does society react to you? As a parent, how do you deal with a child who indicates that he has all kinds of perceptions?

There are different forms of the Sixth Sense

  • Clairvoyant

This term is often used to describe the entire sixth sense, the third eye. You see entities/'ghosts' (both positive and negative) and this can have a big effect on you. You may also be able to see things from the past and/or the future.

  • Feeling

Clairsentient people feel the emotions or physical pain of other people flawlessly.

  • Smelling

Clear smelling is the form of perception in which you experience scents. These smells often relate to an event that someone has experienced, or belong to a person who has died.

  • Clairaudience

Clairaudience can consist of hearing sounds, such as a bicycle bell, but it can also be a conversation with an entity.

  • Knowing

Clair knowing is a bit more difficult to recognize. Clairknowing people have perceptions and receive information, knowing for sure that it is not their own thoughts or assumptions. You have to see this as a message that is passed on to you, and put it in the right context.

People who have this form of perception will recognize this, but it is not always easy to indicate the correct interpretation here.

It is also possible that you experience a combination of the aforementioned perceptions.

Sixth sense, an advantage....

If you have a sixth sense yourself, you may recognize that at times it can enrich your life. You are able to experience things a step more intensively than the average individual. As a result, for example, you do not have to say goodbye to a deceased loved one immediately, but you still have the opportunity to have a conversation with that person after the death.

Or you can understand that your colleague is very curt, because you feel that he is in a difficult home situation.

Sometimes you can name it so that you can show understanding and make people feel that they are not alone. But sometimes you choose not to name it. Because you know that there will only be misunderstanding.

....... Or a disadvantage?

But sometimes you can also get information that you don't need at all, or of which you have no idea what to do with it.

Sometimes the observations are positive, for example if you know your girlfriend is pregnant before she even realizes it, so you can tell her to leave that glass of wine down.

But sometimes it is also very scary. What to do with the images of a burning house that return every night, but where you have no idea where that house is, and whether it is literally a burning house, or a figurative message that you cannot unravel.

A sixth sense as an established concept

The concept of paranormal perceptions has become more established in recent decades and through television programs it has become a topic of discussion for an increasing audience.

But with the popularity of this topic, of course, came the skeptics. To what extent was the man on TV really reliable and had things not been staged?

That is always a gray area, but the most important thing is that you continue to trust your own gut feeling.

Daily life with a sixth sense

Not only adults have to deal with misunderstanding in daily life. As mentioned, there are many children who leave the channel open and who are therefore very 'aware' of the world around them at a young age. And this can lead to all kinds of problems.

  • Fears;
  • Poor sleep and/or nightmares;
  • Loneliness and feeling misunderstood.

This is just a small selection of the things that children can walk around with. These children have a wisdom that we don't expect at a young age and that - in many cases - is also not accepted. After all, a child must be a child; play like a child and act like a child.

Then we don't want to be confronted with a counterword that we don't have an answer for, simply because we don't understand what the child is talking about, or because the child is holding a mirror up to you with honesty and the fact that you are wrong.

A sixth sense doesn't have to be a burden

What we're listing here is just a fraction of the experiences you can run into if you have a child with a sixth sense. In the blog about New Age Children, we go deeper into this topic.

Because while you may think that you just have to learn to live with the perceptions, it is possible to control it.

And we mean that it doesn't have to have such an impact on your daily life. You don't always have to be burdened with other people's emotions and thoughts, and you don't always have to hear conversations from an entity that wants to clarify something for you.

Children with a sixth sense at school

And your child can also learn how to deal with this. Because a child is also very aware that it is 'different', and therefore often does not want to talk about it. As a result, it becomes rebellious, or very quiet. And as a parent you are powerless because you do not understand what is going on.

Children who are very restless in class, because they are greatly distracted by all kinds of observations they have, but the teacher thinks that the child shows all the symptoms of ADHD. While the child only perceives 10 others in addition to the 28 classmates, who also have a lot to say. And what happens if the teacher tells a story, but the four-year-old gets into an argument because he knows for sure that the teacher is wrong?

Do you have observations of your own and do you need help?

Do you recognize any of the above examples and do you feel the need to talk about it? Would you like advice on how to shield yourself from (too intense) observations?

We have already spoken and helped many children and their parents.

But we can also help and advise adults who have difficulty finding their way in daily life, with the observations they have.

If you need advice, don't hesitate to contact us.

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