II. Buddha statue: Can't I buy it for myself?

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II. Buddha statue: Can't I buy it for myself?

Many stories are circulating; you should get a Buddha and not buy it yourself.

But what exactly is true, is it a myth or is there some truth in it?

At first glance, waiting for someone to give you a Buddha does not seem like the solution. Because if you yourself are in a development phase and you notice that the need to have a Buddha in your room increases by following a Reiki treatment or a Reiki course, then you would rather not wait for your environment to pick up that signal. Or until the moment of your birthday, which is still a few months away.

If you want clarity about "getting or buying", you can of course search the internet for an answer. But that generally doesn't make you any wiser. There will be many people who will believe that it is only possible to get a Buddha; otherwise it could cause bad luck. And if you buy one yourself, it is only allowed if you have the best intentions and pure thoughts.

In addition, the advice also varies about the place of origin, who made the statue and what material it is made of. Others indicate that it is typically a Western view that you cannot buy a Buddha yourself that people from Asia have never heard of. 

One theory that can be a good explanation is that a Buddha is seen as a sacred object for which in principle no money can be paid to acquire it. Religious objects have traditionally been regarded as something that you can only have on loan. You then pay a certain amount as compensation for the use. That sounds plausible.

Only in today's society is this difficult to implement. The role that the church previously had in lending out relics can hardly be taken over by the garden centers.

How do I get the Buddha that suits me?

In another blog we will explain a little bit about the background of Buddhism, because there are so many different paths that it is impossible to explain it in two sentences.

Buddha means: The Awakened One.

And that is actually what happens when you are looking for your own Buddha image.

Because maybe you shouldn't take that "getting" in the most literal sense of the word. A Buddha image is something that indeed comes to you, sometimes at the most unexpected moments.

The Buddha that is meant for you comes on your path when you are ready for it. He will literally "jump out". And that can be anywhere; on the sidewalk near a pile of rubbish to be picked up by the thrift store, through an inheritance from a family member, or indeed, because someone is giving it to you as a gift. But it could just as well be the Buddha on the shelf at the garden center, or from the webshop. The one, which is a bit backwards and which has no price tag attached, or which seems to be looking at you so that you have no choice but to buy it.

And in this way it can happen that even if you do not literally get a Buddha from someone, it still becomes a given something, where it is not so much the price tag that determines the value, but the thought and feeling associated with it.

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