Become a Reiki practitioner

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Become a Reiki practitioner

What has the internet to do with the question how to become a Reiki practioner? The internet has brought us many benefits. You can easily look things up, you can even easily see what a street looks like 2,000 kilometers away. The disadvantage of the internet is that you are sometimes inundated with information. 

And if you don't know exactly what to look for, you don't know whether you have found the right information. Looking for a good Reiki Master to take a Reiki course is actually exactly the same. What is the right choice and how do you know you are getting value for money?

Different content and different prices

You can read a lot and find information on the sites of Reiki Masters and Reiki associations. You have probably already encountered different forms of Reiki, but also different forms of courses. Often with the most beautiful stories to make it as attractive as possible. And to justify the amount of money that one offers in return.

Especially in the west you come across different versions of Reiki. These shapes are often basically the same, only they have been given different names. The reason for this is of course that such a practice wants to distinguish itself and also wants to earn a good living from it. They also do this by adding all kinds of extras, such as extra initiations.

10,000 Euro

There is also an organization that calls itself the "official Reiki foundation". They charge enormous amounts for taking a course and also require you to come back annually for a fee.

They set the amount to eventually become a Reiki Master at € 10,000.00. The amount and requirement of this amount completely ignores the Reiki philosophy and the Reiki goal. There is no way they can justify this amount. This foundation cannot provide a clear explanation or reason for the (composition of) the amount of this amount. That makes you wonder why you should pay it at all.


The background to this story is that when Hawayo Takata brought Reiki to the West, hardly anyone believed in it or wanted to work with it.

So a way was sought to increase the awareness of Reiki. The solution was found in America. From the moment they started asking $ 10,000.00 for a course, the Americans were suddenly interested. Something so expensive must be something good, they thought. Thus Reiki was successfully introduced in the west. Unfortunately that is why the so-called official Reiki institutes still hold that € 10,000.00 to this day.

Reiki is for everybody

However, Mikao Usui has never asked for money for his treatments or training. Reiki is something that everyone should be able to receive or give. It is certainly not only for the rich among us and you certainly do not need to take out a loan for it.

Masters who charge these types of amounts themselves are not well trained or understand the true meaning of Reiki. Whether or not receiving or giving Reiki should therefore not depend on money. You are of course allowed to ask for a compensation for the time you put in, especially if you have to provide for yourself with this. After all, putting together a course and the right guidance takes a lot of time. But money should not be the motive.

Follow your intuition

To come back to the first question; How do you know whether you have found a good Reiki Master or a good Reiki course?

The most important thing is to listen to yourself. What does your intuition say.

In addition, it is important to know what your goal is, do you only want to help / treat yourself and close family members? Or do you want to fully develop and maybe even open a practice and go through the entire process from practitioner to Reiki Master. 

Reiki is more than learning basics

What is important to realize and understand is that a Reiki course is more content than just learning some techniques. During the course, a channel is opened that can completely change your life. From that moment on, you can have observations that you did not have before.

If a Master does not discuss that aspect with you, or does not or cannot guide you in this, then you are not in the right place.

There are also Masters who, for example, do not give the third degree (Reiki Master). That would mean that if you want to, you have to switch to another Reiki Master. You should actually avoid that. There are also Reiki practices that split the third degree into a 3a and 3b version (which is popular in the West). This is a typical example of someone who added something unnecessary to the course. For the latter I can think of no other reason than that it arose from a commercial point of view and therefore superfluous.

Traditional Reiki courses consist of 3 degrees

1. Reiki practitioner (Shoden)

2. Remote Reiki practitioner (Okuden)

3. Reiki Master / Teacher (Shinpiden / Shihan)

During these three courses you will have to cover all facets of Reiki you need to make it a success. So that you can grow optimally in Reiki. Because Reiki is an endless growth process and not a theory that you immediately master when you have finished the last chapter. .... You only learn to drive a real car after you have obtained your driver's license.

Return days or annual refresher training is therefore completely unnecessary and purely from a commercial point of view. Unless the original course was not complete enough. But then you can ask yourself again whether you ended up with the right practice in the first place.

Reiki is a growing process

Asking questions about a treatment or regarding your growth process to your own Master should always be possible without any problems for as long as necessary. This is independent of a recurring, annually scheduled meeting.

And since Reiki is a personal growth process, it can be different for everyone. No further training is necessary. Personal guidance is then much more appropriate.

At Reiki Muansun we work according to the original, traditional Reiki as it is intended. All other forms of Reiki are superfluous. The claim that you can do more with these more extensive forms than with the traditional form is therefore not justified.

The expansion of the modules does not add anything, in the end it can only generate noise for the student.

Do you want to find out more about our courses?

If you want to know more about our courses, please feel free to contact us at or via our live chat. You can also look at our courses for more information.

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